Super Social Media

Requine Accounts



The meta OOC RP account.



The leading news source for all things superhero.



The Infinity Legion’s official account.



The Freelancers official account.



Alice “Oathkeeper” McGowan. One of the highest ranking Legionnaires left on Earth.



Scott McGowan, war hero and semi-retired Legionnaire looking for a new challenge.



Yes, I am a Freelancer. No, I don’t have a “Hero” name or a “Secret Identity” or any of that foolishness. It’s strictly unnecessary at best.



Global, instant transportation. We’ll take anyone, as long as you can pay the up front cost. Always hiring.


@WildfireARS An ambitious young pyrokinetic waiting to make her mark on the world.

Inu maintained accounts


inurashii accounts



Nat ‘Damselfly’ Zygoptera, Legion Covert Ops. Best bait ever.



Alicia ‘Sthenographer’ Mercer. Legion Information Specialist (‘datamancer’) and gigantic nerd.



Dr. Nami Meda, PhD, LICSW, LMHC. The Freelancers’ longest-lived mental health counselor to date, Dr. Meda is perfectly human in spite of her seemingly-superhuman iron will.



Human Supremacist Mob Accountant turned Paranormal, now works for the Freelancers as a big red button kinda hero.



Beth ‘Buster’ Schuster, the best land-based armed vehicle operator in recorded PHALANX history. Rambunctious and friendly, and loves her brother Benny dearly.



Mariah ‘Pariah’ Pauker, an independent vigilante with unpredictable shapeshifting powers, single-handedly waging a war on a Human Supremacist city.



Hey, how’s’t goin! Name’s Rory! C’mon in, my roomie won’t mind. Yeah, no, it’s fine! Ha ha!



Help why am I on this list, my sister is the cool PHALANX person I am just a barista

Player Accounts



Demetri “ The Druid” Vallen, Legion Pilot and support, all around nice guy



Jessica “Jupiter Strike” Stryke. Legionnaire, adrenaline junkie, and alleged human/alien from the Planet Jupiter.



“Valkyrie”. Legionnaire, makes machines. Breaks machines. No one agrees on what she looks like.






Gretchen Fleischer, Legion medic, mom, and disappointed in a lot of the things you did today.



Elliot “Lights Show” Anders, bringing the bass to the Legion, one drop at a time!



Elizabeth ‘Witchpyre’ Meriatti, adding a little magic to all our lives.



Chrys(anthemum) “Lethe” Swain: Justice-bringer. Idiot. Protector of the weak, and melee weapon mistress.



~~The Beat Has Power~~



K-3 RCGN Collective. Robot wasp swarm. Generally pleasant.



Speedblitz! She’s a superhero who goes fast.



I am a dragon. Bow before my reptilian supremacy!



Morticia-Ann. She claims to be a necromancer, and is brighter than sunshine. She’ll also do your nails.



Living generator, high healing factor, and has a problem with sugar.





Nathaniel Cross, high ranking legionnaire in charge of PHALANX moon operations.



Member of the Coffin Division of Phalanx. Deals with alien threats and natural disasters.



Dr. Simon Lydes. Neurosurgeon on Moon Base 1, PHALANX. Unwillingly nicknamed “Simon Says.” Soldiers are puppets on chemical strings.



Glorious Summer. Princess from a distant star system, lost and alone after being sucked in by a random wormhole. She dreams of home.



Eli “Naut” Vallejo, Freelancer face puncher, exosuit-wearer, Sort-Of-Ooze and all ‘round grump



Rhombus “Rho” Euclides, Freelancer mathemancer, agender residential math nerd (they/them/their pronouns)



Thomas “The Wasteland” Greene. Freelancer, mercenary, sarcasm dispenser. Will BBQ baddies for cash.



O.B. Jayus, Freelancer Hero Consultant/Agent



Corey “Stormcore” Adams, powerhouse in a suit of metal and wobot wanna be



Tracker/Hunter for the Freelancers. Not great around people.



Yes, that Doctor Cosmic. What other one really matters? You’re welcome.



Butch lesbian with basic brick-type powers. Partners with Wasteland. Loudmouth.



Loudmouthed bint, freelancer propaganda piece and muscle.



Callister Rayne, The Red Knight. GothEmo teen. Very evil. Much dark. Still likes wearing too many belts and guyliner, though.




Doctor ‘Sawbones’ Brown, MD. Independant back-alley chirurgeon. The best doctor in the world, with the worst bedside manner.



Ophelia “Revenant” Hanigan. Independant, new to the Paranormal world



  1. B. Jayus’ granddaughter pretending to tweet as a cat. Totally. Nah. It’s totally Whiskers the cat Tweeting.



A magician and illusionist of unparalleled renown! The One-And-Only Fantastic Mr. Magic!



Fiona Carter. Shuffles cards pretty well. Also may use them to summon and control demons.



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The Ambassador wishes to express peaceful intent while looking over your genetic sequences. You are not prey. Yet.



A laser shooting guy who runs a web series about shooting said lasers.



Friendly runaway sexbot attempting to maintain anonymity while learning more about humanity. Lives with Sawbones and Naut. If you follow, will very probably say hi.



An androgynously handsome and amiable reporter in Rock City.



An apprentice chef at the Eden Night Club, LA



Annissa Milan: Part eel, part girl, and all confused. What do you want and why isn’t she in the sea?



Llewellyn wants to point out that that is not how her name is pronounced and you know what just call her L.



God dammit Rory







Seanan “Shambles” Ambles. Small time, petty crook. Has terrible luck.



Carnifex. Unstoppable body, very stoppable mind.





Elizabeth Schneider, rogue, rapscallion, casanova and vixen! Also, you know. A criminal, arguably.



Antonia Manwood, Private Investigator. Definitely not shady in any way.



Jane Antich, an uplifted chimpanzee with a mad genius’ intellect and more than a few grudges.