Our Story So Far

Our Story So Far

Our Stories Begin…

Warning! This page contains story summaries and therefore minor spoilers.

The fourth Generation of Emergences begins, with new Heroes (and Villains, and people caught between)

Alice “Oathkeeper” McGowan, one of the three remaining Legion-Generals on Earth, began a one-woman initiative to recruit as many new Paranormals as they could in a desperate attempt to re-ignite the dying Legion.

One such Paranormal was Nat Zygoptera, a genderqueer stripper and entomology student living in Colorado who suddenly found emself with the ability to fly and a strange, polarized kind of luck. Another was Mariah Pauker, a college student in Detroit who dreamt of the Legion’s heroes until her Emergence transformed her into a dangerous involuntary shapeshifter.

Alice’s attempt to recruit Mariah only frightened her away, but she wasn’t alone for long: a shapeshifting Freelancer named Vera took the ostracized paranormal in, giving her a place to stay and advice to lay low. One coincidence lead to another, however, and soon the human supremacist infested city of Detroit had a new vigilante hero: the Pariah.

Nat, however, happily accepted the Infinity Legion’s offer of employment, and became the first member of its new Black Ops initiative. Ey goes undercover, using the strange power of the ‘Lure’ to bring in the hardest-to-catch bad guys under a new codename: the Damselfly.

Meanwhile, the Legion’s most skilled data analysts, Scanner and Sthenographer, discussed how many more Emergences there have been lately, and wonder if something big might be coming…

A Return of Evil

The mysterious Golden Age paranormal, Estelle Prestwich, invited a strangely eclectic set of Persons of Interest to her estate, among them the Damselfly and a shady character named Sin. They embarked on a brief but dangerous mission to contain a dangerous time-travelling paranormal. The mission was a success, but when Estelle revoked the reward she promised Sin, both she and the Damselfly nearly paid for the betrayal with their lives.

The Villain Anathema, famous for her intense hatred of the Oathkeeper and the attack that nearly took the Oathkeeper’s life, along with her parents, reached out to Sin. Many thought she was dead, vanished after her first spree of villainry and escape from Legion prison. She had simply been biding her time. She empowered both him and her son, Callister Rayne, to spread her Cult of Midnight across the world. Callister, the Red Knight, began the mission with zeal, working with Sin to recruit new members and spread the deadly grasp of Anathema far beyond her home base of Twin Falls. When the Oathkeeper hunted Callister down, demanding the location of Anathema, Sin nearly killed Alice McGowan in front of the world.

Twin Falls

Anathema had been losing control of Sin and Callister for some time. While the two had indeed spread her cult and delivered her Legion and Freelancer agents to use as minions and plants, the more time they spent away from her strengthened their resolve. Callister, in an attempt to secure a plant amid PHALANX’s space forces, ended up abandoning that to seduce, and date, the Rock City barista Benny Schuster. Between this and a whirlwind romance with the Damselfly, the Red Knight realized that Anathema was a monster, going so far as to mind control her own mother and use her as a puppet to raise Callister.

Callister gave his mother one last chance, only to be betrayed. Anathema tried to mind control him, and when it failed, attempted to report him as a fugitive who had helped in the near-murder of Alice McGowan. Sin approached the Legion with everything he knew about the woman, Twin Falls, and her plans, buying his freedom… and bringing the Legion and the Freelancers both down upon Twin Falls. After a long battle between Anathema and her mind controlled citizens, Anathema seemed to have the upper hand… until Callister disarmed her and brought her second reign of terror to an end.

The War for Detroit

The city of Detroit has belonged to the Human Supremacists for years now, led by activist and agitator Jorja Stevenson. All this time, the Paranormal Supremacist forces of the Villain known as Vanguard had fought to make inroads, but been resisted all the while. This violent but stable equilibrium has been thrown into chaos upon the appearance of the independent paranormal known as Pariah, who seems eager to drive both the human and paranormal supremacists out of ‘her’ city. With the help of a disgruntled Freelancer and a mysterious human informant, she may just succeed.

The Press Conference

Amid the war and violence, something remarkable happened – the Oathkeeper, a religious figure and married woman, held a press conference. She announced that she was queer, and in a polyamorous relationship.

“There are no words in the New Testament speaking against this, but there is a line I want everyone to remember: Judge not, lest ye be judged. There is no sin in being queer. There is no Hell, and if there was, being queer wouldn’t send you there. I encourage everyone to be open and honest with themselves, and I can’t do that unless I lead the charge.”

In the year 2022, one of the most powerful, looked up to figures in the world stood on stage and spoke these words. The world is still reeling from the ramifications – and also celebrating, with an outpouring of love.

The Tribunal

Hardship and circumstance scattered a family of paranormals across the country. Identical twins named Buster and Benny lived their lives with only one another, until they realized that they aren’t as estranged from their siblings as they expected. Over the course of months, an extended reunion pulled the Schuster kids back toward a family they thought they’d left behind years ago.

Incensed by the Oathkeeper’s endorsement of an explicitly progressive message, a Paranormal with powers that resemble and rival the Oathkeeper’s adopted the mantle of ‘Inquisitor’ and founded a cult in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Political extremists flocked to his cause, and as they did, his power grows. the erstwhile children of Glenwood Springs – freshly reunited, and still battling old grudges -realize that they must return to their childhood home and set right what has gone wrong.

A New Alliance

After years of acrimony and hostility, the shocking events around the globe convinced the Freelancers to forge an official Alliance with the Infinity Legion. While heavy grudges and bad blood remain, the world is now united under these two global powers. Perhaps the recent restructuring of the Freelancer management, taking power away from the manipulative and avaricious Michael Cheney, could be a factor in such an unprecedented political move?