What is Generation Four?


When it was first started, Generation Four was a small roleplaying project: friends getting together to spin freeform tales about superheroes in a post-utopia world. As it grew and progressed, however, it gained direction as a collaborative fiction project, subverting and transforming existing superhero narratives as its stories gained momentum. Generation Four’s plots focus on themes such as societal marginalization, everyday life, and queer romance, all while still retaining the world-shaking threats and high adventure of the comic book pages from which they sprang.

What is The New Guard?

The New Guard is a collaborative serial novel produced and compiled by Caelyn Sandman and Cass Marshall and written by the Generation 4 community. Though our co-writers will come together to play their characters in more traditional roleplaying scenes, the plot arcs written in and for The New Guard are meant to be accessible to a wider audience, a complete story that can be read like a book.

These stories are currently in a state of being posted and many have yet to undergo an editing pass, so if you find a document with tense disagreements, typos, or errors, please forgive our dust; we’ll get to it! Our writers generate content very quickly, and rough edges are a necessary consequence of that, but we try to make sure that everything is understandable before it goes up.

Where to go from here?

Once you’ve read the universe introduction Welcome to Generation 4, we recommend you dive right in and start reading The New Guard, or you can play Red, Green, Blue, a G4 interactive fiction game! But that’s not to say you can’t take other routes. Our Story So Far is a summary of current and ongoing plot arcs. If you have a twitter account, you can go to the Super Social Media page and watch the heroes tweet in real time (warning: spoilers)!

If you want to drink straight from the fire hose, click here to read every single Generation 4 post archived so far, from the first roleplaying scenes through all of the plot arcs and social scenes, in order!




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